Knowledge at a Price

    An alarming issue arises out of pharmaceutical companies impact and influence regarding medicine. Although, it is problematic and disheartening that these companies influence consumers, this is not all that surprising. What is surprising and even more shocking is that these companies are using physicians as their means. They are using and manipulating these physicians, who are considered professionals, to fit their agendas. This is even more apparent in places that lack regulatory bodies such as Argentina.
    As noted in Andrew Lackoff’s article ‘ The Anxieties of Globalization: Antidepressant Sales and Economic Crisis” physicians need to interact with pharmaceutical companies in order to gain further knowledge. This on its surface is not a problem. What is problematic is that these companies leverage this “knowledge” for personal gain. Furthermore, as pointed out by David Healy, the knowledge that is given is often inaccurate. Thus, the experts (physicians) are receiving “access to the latest expertise” (Lackoff,255) through biased sources, thus leading to biased expertise.
    Physicians are increasingly and, in many cases, unknowingly falling victim to the many tactics used by pharmaceutical companies. This not only effects demand and consumption but, in my opinion, diminishes the entire medical profession. Seeing just how much power these companies have and the way they manipulate physicians and the industry as a whole, new regulations ought to be implemented that take illnesses seriously from a medical point of view, rather than a monetary one. Universal requirements need to be adopted that allow physicians to access unbiased information freely and limit pharmaceutical companies intervention and manipulation.


About troth19

I am a third year philosophy major at Queen's University.
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