Naivety of Society

Ludwik Fleck draws a close attention to the struggle between society and its ethos directing evaluation and methods of phenomenal explanation according to different periods of time. He does this in light of changes in concept of syphilis. One could say that the concept is never complete. The concept really is shaped by the social climate. Given a frame of view, people organize their thoughts and attention in that particular way. People in general would try to make sense of phenomena in a particular perspective. It is as if a horse is given a set of blinds on each side of his face or a labyrinth in which one has to hit a dead-end to realize that it is not the right way. Perhaps society must be always advance in one direction like a ball with its inertia. As understood with the example of syphilis, the society could not let go of religious affiliations or commonly accepted customs until there are enough people to look other ways and accept a new way of understanding. Each period is stuck in its own frame of perspective on one concept that it may take proportional effort to redirect its attention. Even though there may be a sufficient technological progress to aid re-evaluation, it is not until the society or a group of professionals can confirm that new ideas will be challenged based on cultural and historical prejudgments. This means that many things we hold to be true on the basis of scientific inquiry may seem inadequate and incomplete in the generations to come.


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