What Would the Remedy Be?

In reading this series of articles, I am unsure what the authors think the remedy should be in these cases.  The methods that pharmaceutical companies use to appeal to wider audiences and generate more market share are commonplace amongst other privately run companies.  To bar solely pharmaceutical companies from participating in the commercial sector this way would seem difficult and unfair, as we would be holding this group of professionals to a higher moral standard.  However, this is not to say that I agree with the idea that pharmaceutical companies should be able to do as they please, but I think this sort of moral expectation should be extended to all manufacturers of consumable goods.

Another issue in this series of articles is the interconnectedness of private industry, academic centers (research, health, and otherwise), government approval institutions, and the medical profession in terms of research.  Fishman going so far as to say that this forms a conspiracy to create new audiences for pharmaceuticals.  However, with research dollars being as scarce as they are and public money quickly becoming a thing of the past sometimes private money is and will be necessary to ensure that research can be an ongoing endeavour.

Furthermore, these articles neglect the role of the pharmacist in the development, marketing, and sales of new drugs.  Not to mention the opposing issue of some physicians providing care that is far behind the current research, industry funded or not, which is an ethical issue in its own right.

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