Potential Positives of Pharmaceutical Company Infiltration

The Christine Phillips article speaks to the ethical implications of having pharmaceutical companies advertise and invest within elementary schools. In particular, her article brings to light the true intentions of these pharmaceutical companies when they sponsor education for teachers, nurses or even students themselves. These companies often make an attempt to mask their intentions by making the claim that they are doing their part to raise awareness of an important impediment to the education of ADHD afflicted children. However, as the author points out, if the ultimate goal was to help all students achieve their maximum educational potential, the pharmaceutical companies fail these children because they focus on solely one educational illness. They do not shed any light on diseases such as dyslexia which has no medical treatment, or as they see it, no potential to make money.
Although this infiltration might seem unethical, the flipside of the coin is that awareness of ADHD is not raised. For children truly suffering from ADHD, this could be a big problem. It only makes sense that pharmaceutical companies tailor to ADHD; not only because it is the only way for their business to make money, but because there is little that that company can offer for diseases like dyslexia. Perhaps treatments for those are better left for a psychologist or behavioural therapist. When considering subjects such as these, it may be easy to dismiss these approaches because they are pushing their product. However, one must also pay attention to the benefits for these children suffering from ADHD that they provide. It is important, I think, to think about the advantages that these companies are still providing. There is still education and resources being provided for teachers and parents that need it. This might be worth the cost for children with ADHD. The key is education so that people are aware of the forces being acted upon them.

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