You know there’s a Pill for That

Therapy can often last many years, and the results can be slow in coming, offering gradual or incremental benefits to the patient. Our fast paced, quick fix society has no time for lengthy therapy sessions that tend to cost a hundred (if not several hundred) dollars per sessions. Pharmaceutical companies are no strangers to these phenomenon looking to offer that oh-so-desired quick fix solution in the form of a magical pill that will solve all your problems. Part of this effect is conducted by marketing departments seeking to further displace the psychiatrist in favour of having primary care physicians dispense anti-depressant drugs, or even diagnosing and treating bi-polar disorder. However, despite French philosopher Michel Foucualt’s warning against the dubious sciences (psychiatry being one of them), we ought to proceed with caution when it comes to accepting a script for a physician for mental disorders.

Transferring prescription-writing responsibilities to primary care physicians should be proceeded with extreme caution, and perhaps a healthy dose skepticism.  Our primary care physicians training is broad, and there is a reason why when it comes to specialized aliments, those physicians transfer responsibility to other medical professionals. It is precisely this kind of referral system that pharmaceutical companies want to bypass, but when their motives are driven by increased profits and market share, and not the well-being of patients, we should resist the urge to run head-long into our doctors office demanding a script for the latest-and-greatest little green and white pill that will solve all our problems.

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