Greenslit article comment

Nathan Greenslit challenges us to think about our relationships with pharmaceuticals. I didn’t think the article was just about consumption and branding, but rather identity practices that place the reader/consumer in a state of being. This state of being may be described or framed in terms of a diagnosis but also in terms of a prescription.

Greenslit quotes Lauren Slater who suggests that “we are all “on” Prozac”, and I’m reminded of an episode of PBS Idea Channel where the host asks if there is such a thing as “offline”? That discussion focussed on the on-line/off-line distinction and how ambiguous it is. With respect to Greenslit’s article, we could debate the on/off prozac distinction. At what point are we considered “on Prozac?” It doesn’t seem as simple as orally taking Prozac. What dose? What strength? For how long? Is there a ramp-up? Is there a wash-out? These questions confuse the notion of being on Prozac. The distinction becomes less-so when we consider ourselves in a state of pre-Prozac and post-Prozac. In this sense, the state of being becomes a spectrum where it is quite conceivable that, to some extent, we are all on prozac.

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