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Both Hayden “Pharmaceuticals and the Politics of the Similar in Mexico” and Greenslit’s “Depression and Consumption” partly address how drug prescriptions give primacy to brand names over active substances. Hayden reports how in 1998 the Ministry of Health in Mexico … Continue reading

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Who Should Participate in Clinical Trials? Pharma champions the image of the clinical trial participant as a sufferer of a medical condition unresponsive to current market drugs, for whom participation in phase II/III trials presents an opportunity for newer, better treatment. This, however, is not … Continue reading

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Non Existent Test Subjects

Part of our discussion surrounding last week’s articles on randomized controlled trials focused on the way this preferred clinical evidence method represents patients.  RTCs treat patients as homogenous; they assume differences among patients are going to come out in the … Continue reading

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Ecks argues that Novartis eventually aims to charge the same high price across all its markets.  Yet, if we consider the company’s dynamic pricing structure and the information spillover effect, this seems unlikely this will occur.  One of the ways … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Summary

Having worked within the pharmaceutical sector for more than a decade, Matheson writes from the perspective of an industry insider.  Matheson’s article “Corporate Science and the Husbandry of Scientific and Medical Knowledge by the Pharmaceutical Industry” can be taken as … Continue reading

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Healthcare is not another market

One study Fugh-Berman and Ahari reference claims that most ‘high-prescribing’ doctors get information on new drugs primarily through drug reps, while another claims, among other things, that most doctors believed this information was at best “somewhat accurate”.  But to what … Continue reading

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Patients groups have a unique and powerful voice in shaping legislation on pharmaceuticals.  Appearing to ultimately be concerned with the welfare of the patients and also being comprised of patients themselves, these groups can use their status as organizations knowledgeable … Continue reading

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